101 Hoxie Street
Coupland, TX
    Friday 5:30 - 10:00 pm
Saturday 5:30 - 10:00 pm
Reservations not required but preferred.
Parties 8 or more please reserve.
     Friday 7:00 - 12:00 am
Saturday 7:00 - 1:00 am
Weekdays: (512) 431-9584
(512) 856-2777
Email at:

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Jun  1 Teen Night- (Teens Only) $10 Cover
Jun  2 DJ/Karaoke Night - $5 Cover
Friday's Specials- "AYCE" Catfish & "AYCE" Sirloin 
Jun  3  Jason James & Blake Torrey  $10 cover
Jun  8  Teen Night- (Teens Only) $10 Cover
Jun  9 Denny Herrin  $10 Cover
Friday's Specials- "AYCE" Catfish & "AYCE" Sirloin
Jun 10 To Be Announced
Jun 15  Teen Night- (Teens Only) $10 Cover
Jun 16 Gary P Nunn    Get TICKETS here: GPN Tickets
 Friday's Specials- "AYCE" Catfish & "AYCE" Sirloin
Jun 17 Kenny Orts $10 cover
Jun 22 Teen Night- (Teens Only) $10 Cover
Jun 23 Billy Joe Shaver  get TICKETS here: BJS Tickets
 Friday's Specials- "AYCE" Catfish & "AYCE" Sirloin
Jun 24 One Ton Country $10 Cover
Jun 29  Teen Night- (Teens Only) $10 Cover
Jun 30 To Be Announced

Dust off Your Boots

In March, 1992, Tim and Barbara Worthy converted the former Speckles Grocery into a Texas-sized (7,000 plus square foot) dancehall.   The bar and bar back were moved from across the street from the once famous Coupland Tavern and originated from the Palace Saloon in Schulenberg.  It even has real bullet holes in the bar.  Look above the bar back for our “lady of the house”!    There are pool tables off to the side for those who just want to take it slow, have an ice cold beer and melt into the atmosphere.   The dancehall with it’s large stage  has been host to lots of local talent as well as some real music legends, like Johnny Rodriguez, Ray Price, Gary Stewart and up and comers like Brad Paisley and Ricky Trevino.    You can sit and listen to the music over the state of the art sound system or actually  scoot around a spacious dancefloor.      True Texas dancehalls are a dying breed and the Worthys are proud to be a part of preserving history and offering  people the opportunity to experience a real honky tonk!      Ice cold beer and mixed drinks are available.