The History of Coupland

In 1887 Civil War Major and former Travis County sheriff, Theodore Van Buren Coupland, founded a small town on inherited land.

The Old Coupland Inn and Dance Hall

This building, built in 1904 began as the Coupland Drug Company in 1911. It was also called Albers Drug Store in 1948. Three doctors practiced medicine and used a hand powered x-ray machine. The Coupland Tavern, built in 1910, was formerly a hardware store, where pun-offs were held there quarterly. It also housed a newspaper called the Coupland World Globe News.


 The former Speckles Grocery was converted into a Texas-sized (7,000 plus square foot) dance hall,  A bar/bar-back from the Old Tavern that was formerly in the Old Schulenberg Hotel is over 100 years old.. The other bar/bar-back came out of a River Boat on the Mississippi River.

  The dance hall has been the backdrop for music videos including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pat Green and Kevin Fowler. Coupland has also been used as a set location for several movies including Lonesome Dove.